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Ursula Wohlfarth

Ursula’s career development mirrors her evolving interests and her willingness to take on challenging projects that cause her to stretch and to learn. She has had the benefit of working with and being mentored by inspiring colleagues—you know who you are.

Ursula is characterized as being entrepreneurial, motivational, a clear thinker, a direct speaker—and fun to work with! She has acquired lots of practical experience in supporting organizations with planning, human systems development and change, organizational effectiveness and communication. More ...

Ursula’s profile wouldn’t be complete without mentioning her dedication to an active outdoors life that includes hiking, cycling, skiing and also her interest in the arts, culture and community.


Verbatim comments about Ursula’s strengths, from her 360 survey:

“Great at problem analysis, relating well to the client on both the human and business level, and focusing on business goals.”

“Leadership, personality, intelligence.”

“Dedication to the client’s success” “Wants to do a great job for her clients.”

“I enjoy her sense of humour and unflappability!”

“Listens effectively, broad business perspective, informal.”

“Ability to teach / lead workshops—excellent facilitator.”

Re Consulting Skills workshop:

“This was a highly productive, interesting and reflective kind of experience where we were able to examine how to better do the job of talking to, listening to and consulting with our ‘clients’ within and outside of WD. It's a workshop that I would recommend to others—and which I imagine could be tailored to meet the specific needs of an Executive Committee as well.”

Participant, Western Economic Diversification,
Government of Canada

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