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Ursula Wohlfarth Credentials

Successful management consultant since 1989, serving public and private sector clients. Much repeat business and many referrals.

A sought-after trainer and conference speaker. Popular instructor in The University of Calgary’s management development seminars.

Former part-time instructor at Mount Royal College, teaching Volunteer Management and Fund Raising, Media Relations and Writing.

Fifteen years experience in public affairs and communication management Graduate of Carleton University, Ottawa

Business Focus

Consulting Skills: Training and coaching to support professional groups and individuals to adapt their role from ‘pair of hands’ to business partner. Professionals learn how to engage their clients so they are mutually committed to project success, how to sell their best ideas, and how to contract for deliverables.

Training in Direct Communication: For leaders at all levels, training in face-to-face communication, interpersonal communication, and feedback—all aimed at contributing to better relationships in the organization and improved results.

Business Planning and Goals Setting: Working with groups and individuals to develop specific, measurable and observable goals. Building group commitment to goals.

Accountability and Alignment: Working with individuals and organizations to implement Accountability Agreements to clarify roles and deliverables. This process contributes to mutual agreement among interdependent teams about who is accountable for what.

Facilitating for Results: As a facilitator, Ursula has designed processes and led groups through strategic planning, consensus building and problem solving exercises.

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