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Success in non-profit organizations is connected directly to organizational capacity, best practices, and often to the evolution of the Board from operating through to a leadership model.

Ursula works with non-profit organizations in these typical issues, and has used an Accountability and Alignment process to clarify roles and deliverables for Boards of Directors and the staff who report to Boards.

The immediate and significant benefits of Accountability and Alignment in non-profit organizations are:

Clarity of roles and responsibilities of the Board Chair and Executive Director, contributing to better working relationships between the two.
Clarity of roles and results expected of senior staff, contributing to agency performance.
The end of tensions caused by misunderstandings about who is accountable for what.

Ursula has led workshops and provided coaching to Boards and agencies on best practices for governance and non-profit leadership. She has directed strategic planning, consensus building and problem solving exercises, all designed to enhance organizational capacity.

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