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360 Feedback

The purpose of gathering structured feedback data is to understand perceptions from other people about your behavior.

Accurate Self-Perception Effective Behavior Results

The 360 degree Powerful Feedback Survey employs up-to-date database technology to allow users to respond easily to the multiple questions, and to include personal comments.

Some features of our Powerful Feedback Survey:

The survey tool is web-based, which means feedback providers can log-on from anywhere to spend only a few minutes to complete the survey.
Feedback questions can be customized to your organization’s specific needs.
Feedback providers can provide written observations as well as numerical responses.
Each professional receiving the feedback receives a private, confidential report and support for interpreting the data and for action planning for performance improvement.

Go to the Powerful Feedback log in-page. Key in SSCD1234 to see how the 360 survey is set up.

360 Feedback
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